It’s Complicated: Me and James Joyce in the Age of Facebook
Julian Gough


“Bloomsday itself was like doing the Stations of the Cross, but with a big fry-up at the end of it.”

“Culture is a choir of many voices, whose counterpoints, harmonies and dissonances create a single immense work that transcends space and time. And Joyce (who in life had a beautiful tenor voice), is one of the most important in that choir.”

… and the microbe thing.

I enjoyed this post very, very much. You are great writer. Thank you.

FWIW: I, very likely, have read a book by Kevin Birmingham called The Most Dangerous Book: The Battle for James Joyce’s Ulysses. I say “very likely” because I don’t own it; I read the book in the Singapore National Library quite a while ago and the cover was very different: light colored and much simpler than this

It is possible, of course, that there are several books about Joyce and his legal battles.

The book I read was astounding on many levels. It talked about, in depth, very serious and complex legal issues, in a way that was exciting. The relationship between James and Nora was analyzed without being gossipy or cliché. I recommend the book to all, even if you don’t like reading Joyce. The times they lived in come alive. Two topics were especially well researched: Joyce’s eye problems (ouch) and the underground network that smuggled Joyce’s “illegal books”(Detroit? Detroit!).