10 Benefits of Studying Abroad

The decision of studying abroad is always a well thought one. Well, it has to be, owing to the financial and career implications involved with this decision. The process of studying abroad requires a lot of research as the future of the student rests on the choices taken at this time.

Here are ten benefits of studying abroad:

1. It is good for your CV: A degree abroad can really give a boost to your CV. Depending on the university and the course you opt for, you can really make it big here once you are back.

2. It will open up your perspective: Studying abroad is a totally different ball game and is nothing like studying in India. Pursuing education in a foreign university will open up your perspective and challenge your thinking.

3. Global network: Friends are family when you are living away from your family. A stint abroad will span a couple of years and in this duration, you will forge friendships that will last you a lifetime. This network, if leveraged well, can yield big returns even in later years.

4. Learn new languages: Staying in India, your exposure to languages will be limited. The only foreign language you be probably be exposed to is English. Studying abroad and interacting with people of different cultures will provide you with the opportunity of learning new languages.

5. Learn to live independently: From fetching your groceries to cooking your food and washing your clothes; everything has to be done by you. This will really prepare you for your future life and teach you to live independently.

6. Handle your finances: Money will always be at a premium abroad. This will in turn teach you how to live on a budget and the importance of savings. These lessons of life are best learnt when living independently.

7. Increase your overall job prospects: Your job prospects will get a real time boost, not just back home but also across the world. A foreign degree gives you the tag of being a global citizen and this can work wonders when you are seeking employment opportunities.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

8. For the experience: Letting go of the sheltered life and taking the decision to study and live alone will be a difficult but amazing experience. This will be your life’s biggest teacher.

9. Travel the world: Studying abroad will give you the opportunity of exploring other countries close by. The adventure quotient in your life will increase manifold and you will love the travel.

10. It is like a vacation! Living away from home in a different country is a vacation of sorts. Of course, this vacation will be nothing like the ones you would have taken thus far, but it has a charm of its own.

As fascinating as it may sound, studying abroad is difficult for an individual, both emotionally and financially. Make sure you weight all your prospects well and take this decision with a well informed mind.

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