7 Cheap International Cities to Visit this April

What if we tell you that there are some fantastic countries around that world that would cost you less than a Zara Jeans? No, this is not an elaborate April Fools prank. So, we at BookMyForex- India’s first and the largest online marketplace for currency exchange and online remittances — have compiled a list of few kickass countries that will cost you less than buying jeans:

7 Cheap International Cities to Visit this April

1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is known for its beaches, blue waters, and clear cloudless skies. If you want to let your hair down and simply relax, this is your ideal vacation destination.

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah
 Hostel: 500 INR/- night
 Local Travel: 50 INR or less 
 Meals: 500 INR
 Drinks: 350 INR
 Sightseeing: 200 INR
 Daily budget calculation: 1600 INR (US$ 25 a day approx)
 Places to visit/things to do: Besides the lovely beaches, do check out Sekumpul waterfalls, Gunung Kawi, Tirta Gangga

2. Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia, which is at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain, is a treat to the eyes with its beautiful buildings and skyline. The Cathedral of Saint Alexander Nevsky is synonymous with Sofia

Currency: Bulgarian Lev
 Hostel: 500 INR /-nights 
 Local Travel: 200 INR
 Meals: 600 INR on an average
 Drinks: 250 INR on an average
 Sightseeing: 250 INR
 Daily budget calculation: 1800 INR (US$ 30 a day approx.)
 Places to visit/things to do: Cathedral of Saint Alexander Nevsky, Rila monastery, Boyana Church, National gallery of foreign art, Banya Bashi Mosque and National Park. Sofia has the most beautiful churches

3. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is Europe at its best. With its gothic columns, magnificent bridges and buildings, you will fall in love with this city.

Currency: Hungarian Forint
 Hostel: 600 INR/night 
 Local Travel: 175 INR
 Meals: 750 INR
 Drinks: 250 INR
 Sightseeing: 200 INR
 Daily budget calculation: 1975 INR (US$ 31 a day approx.)
 Places to visit/things to do: Take a tour around Danube, see the Hungarian opera house, the Parliament and gothic styled churches, the chain’s bridge, Fisherman’s bastion, St. Stephen’s basilica

4. Istanbul, Turkey

History, art, an interesting mix of Christian and Islamic architecture, Turkey is by far the most photogenic in the World

Currency: Lira
 Hostel: 770 INR/ night 
 Local Travel: 200 INR
 Meals: 600 INR
 Drinks: 600 INR
 Sightseeing: 450 INR
 Daily budget calculation: 2620 INR (US$ 42 a day approx.)
 Places to visit/things to do: Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Galata Tower, Archeological museum, grand bazaar and the flea markets

5. Thimpu, Bhutan

Set in the hills, Thimphu is scenic and is almost like a picture postcard. Bhutan is said to have the happiest people in the World. Go here for its scenery and feel-good atmosphere

Currency: Bhutanese Ngultrum
 Hostel: 1240 INR /- night approximately
 Local Travel: 310 INR
 Meals: 750 INR on an average
 Drinks: 310 INR
 Sightseeing: 250 INR
 Daily budget calculation: 2860 INR (US$ 46 a day approx.)
 Places to visit/things to do: Buddha Point, Thimpu Dzong, Gangteng Monastery Also check out the museums

6. Phnom Penh, Vietnam,

Phnom Penh is a beautiful city with a surreal mix of architecture, greenery and culture. Go here to experience this wondrous city in South East Asia

Currency: Cambodian Riel
 Hostel: 750 INR/- night 
 Local Travel: 350 INR
 Meals: 1000 INR
 Drinks: 350 INR
 Sightseeing: 150 INR
 Daily budget calculation: 2600 INR (US$ 41 a day approx.)
 Places to visit/things to do: Check out the Wildlife rescue center, the genocide museum, royal palace, Silver pagoda, National monument of Cambodia and The Killing Fields

7. Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is an ancient city with fabulous concert halls, beautiful buildings. Try and catch a concert or an orchestra performance while you’re there

Currency: Romanian Leu
 Hostel: 600 INR/ night
 Local Travel: 100 INR
 Meals: 700 INR
 Drinks: 350 INR
 Sightseeing: 200 INR
 Daily budget calculation: 1950 INR (US$ 31 a day approx.)
 Places to visit/things to do: There are a lot of historical walking areas around the Old town, also see the Romanian athenaeum, palace of parliament, Cotroceni Palace

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