Canada becoming an increasingly favoured destination for Indian students

The last few years have witnessed a mass exodus of Indian students abroad, seeking admission in colleges in USA, and UK since the last 6–7 years.

Lately, Indian students have awakened to the great possibilities of University education in countries like Canada. In 2014 alone 30,000 Indian students were enrolled in their college system. This was a four- fold increase in the number of students travelling here than before. Of course, the more affordable Canadian Dollar Rate today from the other currencies is another reason to look at this country for higher education. But the best CAD rate today is not the only temptation beckoning Indian students away from US and UK to the “True North Country”.

Canadian Dollar rate

1. New Immigration reforms introduced in2008, allows skilled foreign workers and foreign graduates from Canadian higher education institutions to apply for permanent residency, without having to leave the country. This has proved to be extremely popular with Indian students. Plus, an open work permit valid for three years under a post graduate programme aimed to help foreign students gain restriction free employment has also contributed to Canada’s popularity.

2. Canada has a safe and multicultural environment. A very large Indian diaspora residing here is an added advantage.

3. The country is officially bilingual (English and French), so primarily an English speaking country.

4. Canadian Universities are well known around the world for their high quality degrees, state of the art research facilities and world renowned faculties. It ranks among the top three in the world in the spending per capita for public post secondary education as per the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Yet compared to the US and UK with the cheaper Canadian Dollar rate today, University education of the same level is much cheaper here.

So head out to Canada with plenty of CAD’s from with best CAD rate today, to not only research the many top class Canadian campuses for your child, but for a taste of the mind blowing locales and modern cities of Canada.