Smart ways to save on Forex trasactions

Buying forex is a common pain point for most people who travel abroad. Not only is it difficult to narrow down on a reliable currency exchange, it is even more difficult to zero in on one that offers the best forex rates in Mumbai.

It is usually tough to get the best forex rates in Mumbai from local currency exchange agents or banks, given the huge margins and commissions they charge. But, progressive organisations like BookMyForex that offer online currency exchange services in Mumbai are the game changers, in offering specialised service to their customers along with the best rates.

Get the guaranteed best foreign exchange rates with maximum comfort

With a few taps and maybe a call, get the best online currency exchange rates in Mumbai, the easy way. Sites like BookMyForex are your best bet as they offer currency rates with absolutely no margins. What’s more, they do all the hard work for you and sift through piles of quotes to offer the best forex rates in Mumbai from partner banks and currency exchangers from your area for your choosing. No more running around banks and forex outlets to hunt for the best forex rates in Mumbai.

Save more on purchase of multiple forex related products with online forex marketplaces

Not only will you find their online currency exchange rates in Mumbai the best on offer, but on buying multiple forex products such as foreign currency and travel insurance from their site, you get further rebates on your package, and hence can get better value for your money. Being a one-stop- shop for foreign currency, international wire transfers, forex demand drafts, prepaid cards, and traveller’s cheques, with travel insurance thrown in, there’s lots of convenience with extra sweet deals in the bargain.

So, get smart and get online when you need to buy, sell or remit forex the next time around. What better than booking your forex from the comfort of your home and then getting it home delivered at no extra cost!…

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