How to Make New Friends while Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a different yet enriching experience. It not only provides you with the education that you had been looking for, but it also contributes immensely to your personality development. The exposure to the many cultures, living independently, taking care of your own needs, and most importantly, taking all your decisions, all this is a part of an international students’ life.

How to Make New Friends while Studying Abroad
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If you are a student just embarking on your study stint abroad, here are some tips for meeting the right people and settling in quickly:

1. Dig out information about students in the same course: As you step into your degree course, befriend your room mates or hostel mates first. Going out with them and meeting locals will then further increase your circle of friends. Having a mix of friends is always better than just those of your own country.

2. Join clubs or volunteer organizations: There will be many nature clubs or hobby clubs operating in your institution or your city. Joining this club will ensure you meet like-minded people and will have a life apart from your studies.

3. Sit with local students: You have to remember the fact that you are the new student on the campus and hence you need friends more than the local students. Make the effort of sitting next to local students in class and striking a conversation with them. This will ensure that they perceive you as a friendly student rather than an introvert.

4. Go sightseeing: You can embark on a sightseeing trip to any place of your interest. If you have an interest in history, then go to see the museum, landmarks, and other attractions of the place. There are high chances that you will meet interesting people there who are also students with the same life stage as yours. Slowly, you will find yourself a part of different groups in the city with a decent social life.

5. Talk to the locals: Whenever you go shopping or are commuting, it is good to strike a conversation with the local people of that place. These locals in most places are extremely helpful and provide you with all the guidance that you will need in a new place. They are also resourceful and will be most helpful when you need them.

Student life is fun and will be the best phase of your life. Make sure you enjoy each moment of it and make as many friends as possible.

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