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The Membership Economy… find your super-users, master the ‘forever’ transaction, and build recurring revenue. By Robbie Kellman Baxter, originally a Silicon Valley product marketer, and later a consultant to companies ranging from venture-backed startups to SurveyMonkey, Netflix, and Yahoo!


First, we need to define the term “membership” economy and why we should care. Then, we can clarify what the impending transition from Ownership to Membership entails. And finally, we can examine how this transition could work.

The ‘membership’ economy

The membership economy is all about
· subscriptions: offering a ton of value on a regular basis to justify recurring revenue;
· community: developing network effects to enhance the value of membership;
· and increase loyalty: building a long-lasting connection to your brand

From Ownership to Membership

It’s happening right now! Our economy is going through a transition from Ownership to Membership.

The good news

The good news is that nearly any company can transition from the ‘ownership’ to the ‘membership’ economy. Think: how can I turn my product or service into something that my members will use every month… how can I provide a lot of value on a consistent basis?

What does it all mean

What does this all mean? The book makes a strong case for the Membership economy and presents a 7-step framework for companies to transition from Ownership to Membership [the 7-step Membership Economy Framework]. If you’re after the holy grail of recurring revenue… this book can be your guide.

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