Why BookaFriend.com Is The Best New Way To Make Money


Do you love your city? Really love, like non-stop, shameless hometown pride? Do you know every alley, every dive bar, every weird factoid there is to know? Do you always root for the home team? If the answer is yes, then keep reading.

Your favorite city is about to become your favorite gig, with Bookafriend.com. You’ll meet interesting people from all over the world, and show them your city through your eyes. Set your own hours, choose your own activities, and make extra cash doing what you love to do.

Become a friend, not just a driver

There are a lot of side gigs out there. They all promise easy extra cash in your spare time. What’s so different about Bookafriend.com?

Imagine that you’re an Uber driver. One day you pick up someone awesome. He’s visiting from Berlin, and he’s into all the same things as you — craft cocktails, baseball, excellent burritos. He asks you to drop him off somewhere where he can get a great Manhattan. You chat in the car, then as soon as you drop him off it’s time to get your next passenger.

What if you could show him around instead? Take him out for that perfect cocktail, then grab a bite to eat at your favorite little taco shop. Maybe meet up later to catch a baseball game. Instead of just a quick ride, you actually get to know the guy. You hang out. You become friends.

Meet interesting people doing what you love

With Bookafriend.com, you meet interesting people who share your interests and hobbies, and show them your city through your eyes. I mean, you’re already an expert, right? You know the best places to shop, rock climb, birdwatch, dance, or take Instagram-worthy pictures of your dessert. And you love showing your friends around town. So why not get paid to give a new friend an awesome, authentic experience in the city you love?

Get started in three easy steps

1. Sign up

Registration takes less than a minute. Don’t believe me? Try it now, I dare you. All you need is an email address.

2. Create your profile

Next, set up your profile so that new friends can see who you are. Add a pic, then set your location. Be sure to add all the languages you speak, so international travelers can find you.

Then set a short description. It’s your intro to the world. Let them know who you are, what you’re about, and who you hope to meet.

3. Add an experience

Now you’re ready for the good stuff: adding your first experience. Each experience is a different set of activities that your new friends might book. It can be anything you’re into: a bike tour of your hometown, a day at that one perfect beach that the tourists don’t know about, an opening at a hip new gallery. Give it a catchy name, and set the price.

Add a description. It’s time to brag, so really strut your stuff. What’s great about your experience? What all does it include? What can you show your friend that they won’t find in a guidebook?

Add images that show off the locations and activities in your experience. Tag it with any categories, like “Walking Tour,” “Art Galleries,” or “Pickle Making,” to make it easier for friends to find.

Next, set up the add-ons for your experience. Those are extra activities that come at an extra price. Maybe your add-on is an offer to pick your new friend up from the airport before your walking tour, for a small extra charge. Or gourmet home-cooked dinner after your mushroom-foraging expedition. Or a flamenco lesson during your Spanish-themed tapas night.

Last, you’ll set your opening message. This is the short chat message that goes out to anyone who books your experience — so make it a warm and friendly start to the convo.

You’re good to go!

It’s that simple. You’re ready to meet friends. When a friend books you, you’ll get an alert and start messaging. You can get to know them before you confirm the booking, so you’re always in control of who you hang out with. After you meet your friend, simply transfer funds to your bank or PayPal account.

So, let’s recap: three quick steps to set up an account, and you’re ready to meet interesting new people from around the world, while pocketing some extra cash. You in? Join now.