Why do you need to Advertise by Newspapers?

n the age of the omnipresence of cameras and the super-fast sharing of information with hash tags, it is easy to assume that newspapers are obsolete. The electronic media reigned supreme for quite a long time and this period has been overrun by internet. Presently, the two run hand in hand as every news channel can be seen to have a contact number meant for sharing messages through a smart messaging application. People use their mobile phones for everything from booking flight tickets to reading the morning news. In such a situation, it might appear as if the newspaper is no longer required. Nevertheless, newspaper sales have not diminished and there can be quite a few reasons behind this.
One major psychological attachment that the common man has with the newspaper is the age old belief that anything written is closer to the truth, as if, almost sacrosanct. So, people watch the news at night but wait for the newspaper to arrive the next morning for a better, in-depth analysis or a more reliable piece of information. The situation is the same for an ad in newspaper. In spite of having numerous hoardings spread across the length and breadth of a city, a store needs to advertise its sale on the front page of the leading local daily to get its major handful of buyers. People know that they can check theater show timings online but often wait to lay their hands on the entertainment section of the newspaper.
Newspaper ads, are, till date the mass medium with the highest reach. Direct messages through text messages or email are probably better in terms of addressing but people often tend to ignore these. Newspaper is an item they pay for just to check what is going on around them. Thus, they also look through the ads spread across in different parts of the paper. The issue of reach is also supported by the fact that a newspaper is much more affordable as compared to a cable connection or even a radio. There are also irregular readers who might just pick up a newspaper when they are travelling and a newspaper advertisement might just catch their attention then.
Newspapers also have a shelf life, meaning that they can be stored for a long time, in a physical form. So, suppose a property is available on sale and the owner hasn’t got good response in the first week, he or she can expect calls even 10 days later. Newspaper advertising is also flexible which means that it can be accessed by anyone at any point they want. Readers often go through the newspaper during their leisure time rather than the morning when they are busy. Thus, by placing their ad in a newspaper, a business is much better suited to get attention. Now an online newspaper ad booking system makes the deal even simpler as someone else takes charge of placing the ad and ensures that it works in the favor of the advertiser.

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