1. I finally went beyond my previous limitations. = I conclusively transcended my antecedent constraints. = I determinately transcended my anterior inhibitions. = I finally transcended my precedent circumscriptions.

2. My recent trip was quite satisfying. = My recent peregrination was quite satiating. = My recent peregrination was quite gratifying.

3. I stated an opinion on what happened. = I opined on what transpired.

4. I am unaffected by your verbal attacks. = I am impervious to your fulminations. = I am impervious to your revilements. = I am impervious to your vituperations.

5. The show is about to begin. = The exhibition is about to commence.

6. His attitude was very hostile. = His posture was very belligerent. = His posture was very truculent. = His posture was very bellicose.

7. Don’t take her kindness for weakness. = Don’t take her altruism for impuissance. = Don’t take her benevolence for impuissance.

8. I read a lot because I am a book addict. = I read a lot because I am a bibliophile.

9. Don’t overrate what really happened. = Don’t overprize what authentically transpired. = Don’t aggrandize what genuinely transpired.

10. They have a strong friendship. = They have a vigorous amity. = They have a vigorous comity.

11. He is very serious about his career. = He is very earnest about his vocation. = He is very solemn about his profession.

12. Clowns like to display humor. = Clowns relish to exhibit facetiousness. = Clowns like to exhibit jocosity.

13. His jokes were funny. = His jests were hysterical. = His japes were comical.

14. The castle was destroyed by a powerful storm. = The castle was eradicated by a tempest. = The castle was ravaged by a puissant inclemency. = The castle was eradicated by a potent inclemency.

15. They behaved in a respectful manner. = They behaved in a deferential manner. = They behaved in a reverent manner. = They behaved in an obeisant manner.

16. Her favorite color is black. = Her favorite color is ebony.

17. Don’t be intimidated by his large size. = Don’t be daunted by his immensely colossal size. = Don’t be dismayed by his astronomically immense size.

18. He is too clumsy. = He is too gawkish. = He is too maladroit. = He is too lubberly.

19. This place is full of smart people. = This place is full of astute people. = This place is full of perspicacious people. = This place is full of keenly intellective people.

20. Please don’t be rude. = Please don’t be impertinent. = Please don’t be insolent.

21. They were extremely happy about what happened. = They were prodigiously blissful about what transpired. = They were profoundly ecstatic about what happened. = They were astronomically jubilant about what transpired.

22. Kal-El is too fast for Sonic. = Kal-El is too expeditious for Sonic.

23. Barry Allen’s movement is the fastest on the planet. = Barry Allen’s kineticism is the most expeditious on the planet.

24. It is beneficial for them to work with eachother. = It is salutary for them to collaborate with eachother. = It is benign for them to work with eachother. = It is propitious for them to collaborate with eachother.

25. The movie we saw yesterday was awesome. = The movie we visually perceived yesterday was awe-inspiring. = The movie we optically discerned yesterday was awe-inspiring.

26. This picture is truly beautiful. = This picture is genuinely resplendent. = This picture is authentically comely. = This picture is truly pulchritudinous.

27. Their beauty is unmatched. = Their resplendency is unparalleled. = Their comeliness is nonpareil. = Their beauty is peerless.

28. The crowd was very noisy. = The crowd was very strepitous.

29. I finally got a new bike. = I conclusively got an incipient bike. = I determinately got an incipient bike.

30. I want to live in peace and happiness. = I optate to live in tranquility and bliss. = I want to live in placidity and ecstasy. = I optate to live in peace and jubilance.

31. What he did was respectable. = What he did was venerable. = What he did was reverable. = What he did was estimable.

32. Your mission is not just difficult, it is impossible. = Your mission is not just arduous, it is infeasible.

33. This… is… delicious! = This… is… delectable! = This… is… ambrosial! = This… is… dainty!

34. Be very careful with the path that you choose to take. = Be very meticulous with the path that you optate to take. = Be very conscientious with the path that you cull to take. = Be very punctilious with the path that you choose to take.

35. Think carefully about what you’re doing. = Cerebrate meticulously about what you’re doing. = Think conscientiously about what you’re doing. = Cerebrate punctiliously about what you’re doing.

36. The data has been erased. = The data has been expunged.

37. That outcome is likely to happen. = That outcome is prospective. = That outcome is likely to transpire.

38. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. = Your contentment is ensured. = Your gratification is assured.

39. They are going to the store. = They are peregrinating to the store.

40. His question is confusing. = His question is discombobulating. = His question is perplexing. = His question is confounding.

41. Norrin Radd has cosmic awareness. = Norrin Radd has cosmic cognizance. = Norrin Radd has cosmic vigilance.

42. Bruce has a great reputation. = Bruce is immensely reputable.

43. We finally came to an agreement. = We conclusively came to an accedence. = We determinately came to an acquiescent.

44. The hive is flowing with honey. = The hive is mellifluous.

45. The word ‘Sun’ has only one syllable. The word ‘Sun’ is monosyllabic.

46. His style is aggressive. = His style is truculent.

47. They are gaining a lot of knowledge. = They are assimilating an abundance of cognizance. = They are assimilating an abundance of erudition.

48. A lot of water is flowing throughout the ship. = An abundance of dihydrogen monoxide is permeating the ship.

49. More emphasis was put on what was done. = More accentuation was put on what was done.

50. The cell phone is next to the laptop. = The cell phone is adjacent to the laptop. = The cell phone is in juxtaposition of the laptop. = The cell phone is contiguous to the laptop.

Examples of Paraphrasing

In the following examples, the original sentence is paraphrased in the second sentence.

  • Niagara Falls is viewed by thousands of tourists every year. Each year, thousands of people visit Niagara Falls.
  • The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was painted by Michelangelo. Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling.
  • It was a spacious room with lit candles all over. Candles flickered from many areas of the large room.
  • In ancient times the olive branch was used as a peace symbol, as well as the dove. Many centuries ago, peace was shown with an olive branch and a dove.
  • The gray clouds were a warning of an approaching storm. The coming storm was foretold by the dark clouds.
  • He was saddened by the news. The news depressed him.
  • Pouring hydroxide peroxide on your wooden cutting board will kill salmonella and other bacteria. The bacteria on your wooden cutting board, including salmonella, can be eradicated by pouring hydrogen peroxide on it.
  • Ginger shuts down nerve receptors that trigger the vomiting reflex. The nerve receptors that cause the reflex for vomiting are stopped by ginger.
  • She was a successful author and speaker. She found success as a speaker and writer.
  • The still waters of the Caribbean were teal in color. The turquoise Caribbean waters were calm.
  • The majority of consumers prefer imported cars. Foreign cars are preferred by most customers.
  • The museum has a huge collection of African art. There is a large exhibit of African art at the museum.
  • A scroll compressor looks like a screw and squeezes the refrigerant. The refrigerant is pressed by the spiral-shaped scroll compressor.
  • To make jazz hands, simply put your hands out, open your fingers and shake your hands. Jazz hands are easily done by spreading out your fingers, putting your palms forward, and wiggling your hands.
  • With electronic cigarettes, there will be no smoky smell on your clothes or skin. Using electronic cigarettes does not make your skin and clothes smell smoky.
  • My partners and I are currently in the middle of getting funding for a new business we are launching. At the present time, my partners and I are seeking funds for our new business venture.
  • The price of a resort vacation includes meals, tips, and equipment rentals which makes your trip cost-effective. All-inclusive resort vacations make for a very economical trip.
  • Uploading a video to YouTube can help exposure for your business. Your business can be seen by many people if you post a video on YouTube.
  • The fall of the Berlin Wall happened in his lifetime. During his lifetime, the Berlin Wall was taken down.
  • This product causes the break-down of excess body fat and will help people shed pounds. This product helps people lose weight by eliminating extra fat in the body.
  • During a cruise, you can check out the natural scenery. You can see natural vistas during a cruise.
  • In the first season, Mary’s brother and sister conspired against her. Mary’s brother colluded with her sister early in the season.
  • This brand is preferred by most plumbers. Most plumbers prefer this brand.
  • He has tons of stuff to throw away. He has to get rid of a lot of junk.
  • Symptoms of the flu include fever and nasal congestion. Stuffiness and elevated temperature are signs of the flu.
  • The tornado razed the town. The town was obliterated by the cyclone.