Frequently Asked Questions about Book of Orbs

Project Orb is excited to launch ‘Book of Orbs’; an app driven towards enabling the interoperability of mobile-gaming platforms. The key premise of ‘Book of Orbs’ centers around the Counterparty exchange of game items; on the bitcoin blockchain. Project Orb seeks to pioneer the concept of true digital ownership for game players.

So here’s what you need to know before downloading the app:

What is ORB?

ORB is an acronym standing for ‘Ownership Revolution on the Blockchain’. Products of project ORB, refer to game items that are tokenized for trading, on the bitcoin blockchain.

What is Counterparty?

‘Counterparty’ refers to an open-source, tokenization platform built atop of the Bitcoin blockchain. You can learn more about Counterparty at the official website;

Why do I need to pay bitcoin fees when I want to send and/or trade my ORBs?

ORBS on Books of Orbs are tokens built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain using the Counterparty protocol. Thus, in order to send and/or trade ORBs, you have to pay a small fee to Bitcoin miners; to substantiate the timely, verification process of your transaction.

Why do I need to wait 10 minutes or more, to send or place an order?

As ORBs operate on the bitcoin blockchain, their transaction process follows the same procedure and resultant waiting periods.

I failed to create, send or order transactions. Why?

The most common reasons that cause a transaction — in any sense — to fail, occur due to insufficient bitcoin funds. These are needed to pay the transaction fee. If you believe that there are other circumstances behind your transaction failure, please do not hesitate to contact our support services via our social networks or email.

Why are transaction fees expensive sometimes?

Higher transaction fees occur when the bitcoin network suffers from congestion due to limited block capacity. Thereby, a higher fee is incurred, to ensure ORB transactions are confirmed in a timely manner.

Can I send ORBs to other bitcoin wallets?

Technically, ORBs can be sent to other bitcoin wallets; and will not be destroyed even if they’re sent to non-counterparty addresses. However, retrieving tokens from these addresses may require the assistance of a specialized, cryptographic tool.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled from the history page, in the Book of Orbs app. Please note that a transaction fee will also be incurred in the cancellation of orders.

Can I trade ORBs using tokens other than BitCrystals or WILLCOIN?

At this time, Spells of Genesis card trading is currently limited through BitCrystals and the same is true for Force of Will; through WILLCOIN. This is done to ensure ultimate game optimization for players. With increased app usage, we will respond to user needs and strive towards providing the best currency trading options for players in the future; including trading against XCP, as a potential option.

I am changing my phone. How can I backup my account?

Backing up your ORBs is a simple process. Please take note of your 12-word recovery passphrase after signing up to the app. This is all you need to recover your ORBs on a new phone. It is of paramount importance, that you to have a hard copy of your passphrase available, as we are unable to recover it for you. This is to ensure that your ORBs remain secure, at all times.

I’ve lost my 12-word recovery passphrase and/or phone. Can I still recover my ORBs?

Unfortunately, you will have sole access to your passphrase. If you have lost your phone, you can recover your ORBs using the aforementioned methods. However, if you have forgotten your passphrase, then there is no method in which your ORBs can be recovered.

Can I use Book of Orbs for games other than SoG and FoW?

Book of Orbs is excited to announce that Takara; a geocaching app, is the first third-party application to allow users to pick up ORBs and, other cryptocurrency tokens; all over the world! As Book of Orb’s user-base continues to expand, we have every intention to invite other games and, applications, to join our journey to revolutionize ownership on the blockchain.

How can I get bitcoins?

Check out to find the best bitcoin exchange for you. You can also exchange your bitcoin for use within Book of Orbs and, its supported apps; for BitCrystals and WILLCOIN.