Meet Your New, Efficient Bookkeeper!

Starting a business doesn’t just require a great idea that sells — it’s much more than that. When you actually get into the everyday process of work, you realize the infinite number of small and important tasks you need to get done, from product management and invoicing and billing, to hiring employees and finding investors.

BooksOwl is here to help you out with at least one of them! Accounting counts for one of the biggest areas of any business is the fuel that keeps the engine running. This is why it is imperative to ensure your funds are handled the right way.

Maintaining a proper record of all the incoming and outgoing expenses is necessary but can get time consuming, and if not done right can be prone to errors that can pose as risks to your business in the future. But with our accounting and booking services, you can be sure of a safe and accurate way to maintain you expenses and income.

What sets us apart?

BooksOwl provides services that include everyday, weekly and monthly bookkeeping, as well as annual accounts. But what really sets us apart from other bookkeeping service providers is our ability to provide some great services at a cost effective price.

At just $15 per hour, you can avail our services. And even better is that we don’t have a minimum hour commitment, so whether you need us for an hour or two, we are at your service!