Republican Senator, Barry Goldwater (centre), House Minority Leader, John Rhodes (right), and Senate Minority Leader, Hugh Scott, drove up to the White House on August 7, 1974 and informed President Nixon that he had less than twenty votes in the Senate and Goldwater’s wasn’t one.

Two days later, Nixon resigned the presidency.

In the end, the case for obstruction of justice along with other Articles of Impeachment were drawn and made abundantly clear to Congress, and in turn, the American people. That forced the Senate to act to the point that even the Republican senators saw the writing on the wall and were resigned to vote Yea.

Flash forward 45 years, and there is no difference.

Mrs. Pelosi, you must call for an Impeachment investigation, purposely using the feared “I” word, so not only Congress but the American people who have chosen not to read the Mueller report, see and hear the facts for themselves as to the High Crimes Donald Trump has committed that will make up today’s Articles of Impeachment.

Allow the public to witness for themselves Trump’s many egregious crimes and today’s Republican senators like yesteryear’s Goldwater will see there is no political future if they turn a blind eye to this man and his Russian conspiracy.

Public pressure is what made the Republican Senate dam break in ’74.

Public pressure is what will make it break again, Madam Speaker.

Congress cannot allow a precedent to be set that for all future presidents anything goes. You choose to ignore the High Crimes of Trump and never again will the United States of America have anything but a imperial-verging-on-dictatorial president.

It is not enough to merely out vote him in 2020. A line must be drawn that such behaviour can never be allowed to occur, unchecked, with any future president.

  • Your allied countries like England, Canada, France and others are reconsidering conveying national secrets to this unhinged man for fear of who in Russia or other enemy states will gain that knowledge.
  • International covert operatives are refusing to communicate with the US for fear their sources and methods will be revealed by Trump.
  • Allied nations are slowly pulling away from the States, and you, yourself, have said that going it alone in these troubling times is no safe place for America to be.

In essence, Mrs. Pelosi, the cart can never be put ahead of the horse.

Start Impeachment Hearings in the House now. Televise to allow all to be publicly revealed, and growing public pressure will do the rest.

If Trump has blackmailed Republican senators into voting Nay, well, as White House Counsel under President Nixon, John Dean, once said in the Senate Hearings, “…the truth will out…” and those senators who choose to turn a blind eye will see a permanent end to their political careers, much sooner than later, I think.

Allow Congressional Impeachment Proceedings to begin.

Allow the American people to know the facts so that the truth, again, shall out.

Justice is waiting, Mrs. Pelosi… “We The People” are waiting…

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. ~ Albert Einstein

North-Irish-Canadian literary novelist who yearns to hack out tales on either side of Cocktail Hour...

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