I Lost 86 Pounds and Learned a Few Things
Chris Higgins

Bravo! A few years ago I lost 70 lbs doing pretty much the same things. (Although I could not afford a trainer so I had to learn some self-discipline. I found types of exercise I could do at home alone since I was embarrassed to exercise in front of others.) I maintained that weight loss for 2 years until I was struck with serious illness — but now that I’ve grasped how to do I’m certain I can lose the 20 lbs I gained back since the illness. It’s funny how people’s faces fall when they asked how you did it and you tell them “I counted calories, ate much healthier food and took up regular exercise.” They hope to hear you have a magic bullet, but really lifestyle change is the best way to do this.

I also have a partner who I could feel “accountable” to and it helps. The things we don’t do for ourselves we may very well do when others we care about are aware of what we’re trying to accomplish.

I used to have chronic knee pain and perhaps the best part of my weight loss journey is how that knee pain went away.

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