Boomer Squad — What’s Next?

There have been quite a bit of behind the scenes talk going around Cronos the past little while. Understandably so, a lot has been happening. No pretty pictures or cool sneak peeks today. Let’s have some #realtalk #crofam.

Between MMF’s announcement of expanding their services and project to the Polygon chain (with the split enthusiasm this has caused the #crofam) and the appearance of a new marketplace on Cronos — Minted, with some apparent exclusive access to commercial dealings and agreements with the CDC NFT platform, there’s certainly lots to look at.

A lot of the changes on the Cronos network recently have brought to light some clear tendencies behind a grouping of projects associated with All of these new dealings and information have left the #crofam in a bit of a limbo stage and many, perhaps understandably so, worried about the current and future state of the network.

We are of course not immune to the changes we see happening in the network and some have speculated already about us expanding cross-chain (or as some may describe it, ‘abandoning’ Cronos).

We’d like to address the concerns related to the Boomer Squad specifically first.

For starters, we have always intended to be a cross-chain project — eventually. It has been part of our roadmap since the very beginning, it should come as no surprise to any BoomerSquad NFT holder. Cross-chain is the future. Crypto will at one point come together in a more seamless way. We just aren't quite there yet. And that’s fine.

However, this is not something we plan to undertake lightly. We want an established base of operations first — and that home is Cronos, and very unlikely to change barring some seriously extreme circumstances.

We are still currently plugging away at our Boom Rooms, which are coming along smoothly. Both the dev group and our artists have been hard at work and we are still on schedule for beginning of September release. There are a lot of moving parts to the Boom Rooms with the advent of $Scratch and it is extremely important we get everything just right.

If it seems like we’ve been quiet the last little bit, it’s mostly because we have started quite a few initiatives (Boomer Radio, BSAC, Boomer LaunchPad (more to come here very soon), DAO up and running) that require us to turn on full focus and see the kind of workload we’ve created for ourselves. We don’t want to be in a position where we have to scale back to reorganize.

But we will say this — we brought Chow Time to Cronos a couple of weeks after mint in the hopes of introducing a fun & unique GameFi concept to the network — and also to show the #crofam what we were capable of out of the gate. The Boom Rooms are on an entirely different level — we think it’s going to be an amazing addition to Cronos and really showcases what blockchain technology is capable of on a level not seen here yet on Cronos and perhaps even entire other networks. There’s no doubt that they will attract attention and draw eyes. That’s not even counting how just plain cool they look (I’m sorry but they are).

With that said however, they are a huge drain on our dev power. It is an all hands on deck type of situation. Our subsequent releases should come faster as they are much more straightforward (in the immediate short term, at least).

Touching back on cross-chain plans. We currently have no plans on moving the project cross-chain. We do, however, have plans on integrating systems that will facilitate liquidity movements for the purposes of playing our games or participating in our events in a seamless, user-friendly way (believing that inconvenience is one of, if not the biggest, driver of users not wanting to learn about other networks). This should drive liquidity to Cronos (and our holders), with no ambiguity about it. This is where our partnerships and prior experience on the ETH network will come handy.

We can’t expand much further here until we’ve really dug into the tech side of things (which we won’t be able to do until Boom Rooms are complete) as we have several options to explore to figure out what the best way to make this work will be.

Rest assured however — we are here to stay. We are here to build. We still believe in all the same reasons we started here (Cronos) in the first place and you can find those reasons in our literature. We are constantly reaching out and trying to keep open lines of communication with CDC / We are completely transparent with our holders. We will continue to fill the gaps as they appear in Cronos with whatever services are required and round out our ecosystem. We will continue to prove ourselves to you.

We are a fully doxxed team of 11 with complete intention on being here when crypto goes mainstream — and we will be at the head of it. Your support so far has been amazing and we could not have come to where we are without it. Please continue to support us and we will keep pushing for fun new (or maybe even just basic & boring but fill a need) games/events/services and continue to provide value for our holders.

Thank you everyone.



8008 randomly generated PFP Cronos chain NFT with utility

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