The Game Changers.

The game changers don’t envision changing the game; they change themselves, amidst the hopes that their positive changes will inspire others to do the same.

Born of a life of sin where nothing but the money is classified as a win, the ill mind can never comprehend the necessity for positive growth and development.

I stared at myself in the mirror and saw what I had become, the reflection of a young man who was but a manifestation of the tyranny, which had led this world a stray.

My dreams of grandeur only mimicked those of kings, billionaires and celebrities.

Don’t step to me with the falsehoods of the pretenders, don’t step to me with the misdirection’s of the game.

Don’t step to me with the dreams of the forsaken.

Expecting a brother’s full commitment to a cause of unfulfilled prophecies on the boulevard of broken dreams.

Biggie said the sky’s the limit but if that’s the truth then how come man is only able to sit at the pinnacle for so long?

We aim for the sky because only the sky can be an honest measure of the depths of our ambition.

How ambitious can we be that only the reaching of the stars and the touching of the moon can quench the universal thirst that encompasses those of us who, were, are and will be destined for greatness.

The depths of our despair is only equal to the depths of our ambitions. Rooted deeply in the hearts of all men is the fear and the rage which drives us towards the sky, but when does the sky finally become the limit.

Humanity paid the pied piper for a chance at greatness, to achieve the unachievable, to be all that we can be.

When we snapped into reality, the clarity of our delusions became clearer while reinforcing the self-made illusions.

Mankind was not designed to touch the stars and reach the moon, to be all that he can be.

We are designed to be free from the unnecessary burdens of the bone-chilling realities that we have come to face and the reality of this world's delusions have been clearly set in place.

I stand amongst the people and see the carrot dangling before an entire generation, but that carrot can never be caught unless the necessary actions are taken.

The pursuit of all his dreams is what keeps mankind going, because without those dreams in place, then the stars they seemingly stop glowing, the moon not as bright and the earth turns slower still.

We think that we will live forever on this boulevard of broken dreams.

The reality of human kind is “that we are but a dream within a dream”