An Accidental Journalist and His Historic Crowd-Sourced Investigation

Trisha Your research and writing skills add so much to the George Webb & Crowdsource efforts. I want to thank you for bringing compressed enlightenment to folks who cant or wont spend the time it takes to study it all in its entirety. It is so important for people to realize the immensity and depth of corruption currently affecting everything sanctioned and advanced by our Government. The Crowdsource Tribunal is really bringing the best and most up to date information before the people for vetting, correcting and amplification. Scary for some, because it is a different way of doing things, the results speak for themselves to people who are listening and your contributions certainly expand the crowd size. Bravo to you all but i have to admit i personally endorse your clarity and concise narratives most of all. It cant be easy bringing the whole enchilada to the table one plate at a time but Girl, you are cookin!!

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