An Accidental Journalist and His Historic Crowd-Sourced Investigation

Welcome back to twitter Trish So happy to see you there again! Your Accidental Journalist posts can do a lot to mitigate the angst of peeps who are new to the process of crowdsourcing the truth, a revolutionary & expedient method of bringing truth and evidence together which is very messy at first glance For those who have little time or inclination to peruse all the posts & videos on a daily basis the process seems shallow and not supported by direct evidence Peeps are used to Journalists analyzing peer reports citing evidence drawing conclusions reporting again & gaining consensus in that order Putting all the steps in at the beginning freaks them out although this method of investigation & reporting has numerous times led to Breaking News and advanced FACTUAL NEWS faster & farther than the regular way A possible narrative is posted with leads for metadata & evidence capture Then everybody with electronic skills and the desire to research are set upon the premise to either prove or correct it In the end consensus and evidence support the truth of events in chronological time but getting there takes a world and most peeps are used to having a village tell them what to believe I am SO THRILLED YOU ARE BACK It was wholly unfair for you to lose access to twitter because you bring unadulterated truth to the TwitStream & engage in the most remarkable method of bringing investigative journalism to a much needed higher level