IP-rimer: A Basic Explanation of Intellectual Property
Will Frank

Mr. Frank, you should read Mark Twain’s argument as to why a copyright should last, life plus 70 years or so. He testified before Congress or a committee there of, I don’t remember which. In short, the publisher has all the plates printed to continue making money when a copyright coverage ends. The rights of Twain’s heirs end as well. In other words, the work in question is now in the so called “Public Domain” for anyone to use, except the publisher has the plates. His family, nor anyone else can compete with that. Still true today Mr. Frank. Doesn’t really enter the Public Domain in many cases. You skip over that.

Second point. You don’t mention the term all lawyers love to quote, “How are you damaged.” Not sure why you fellows never seem to mention that until it’s too late for the poor author. The dirty little secret of the law is that only the Disney’s of the world get copyright protection in reality. Anyone can steal from the work of a starving artist because he is too poor to sue anyone. But most importantly, in his attempt to secure a lawyer, that lawyer will undoubtedly ask, “How were you damaged?” Meaning of course, your work has never sold and therefore has no monetary value so you are out of luck my friend.

Third point. Some idiot on YouTube has posted my entire movie and YouTube refuses to agree that I own all rights to it. “Copyright status unclear”, they proclaim. I made 50 grand on that movie last year. I produced it, I shot it, I own it. This is registered and filed with the Copyright office in Washington and they ignore it and you seem to approve. I’m not a “Studio”. There are others who make films my friend.

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