The Actor

Two Things About Donald Trump

One, is that for over forty years, Trump has been acting badly. He has discriminated against Black Americans in his rental policies for decades, gone bankrupt multiple times, screwed his business partners, refused to pay his contractors and suppliers, left banks holding mortgages with threats and write-downs of debt etc. Every bad thing a person could think of, he has done. All the while he has gotten richer and more famous. Now, he is the Republican candidate for President of the United States, and may well win. This proves conclusively, that Karma does not exist.

Two, is that we have listened for years to people who insist that the world is run by a group of shadow figures, like the Trilateral Commission or the Rockefellers, or a cabal of Jewish billionaires or the “Bankers” or any number of conspiracy theories which purport that some group (pick one) holds the real power and that they select who will run for President. In effect, the theory goes, these groups are so powerful that they essentially appoint the President of the United States. Yet, almost all these groups, the ones identified as the “King Makers”, hate Trump. But there he is. This proves conclusively that no one controls anything, or Trump would not be where he is today.