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Purchasing a boost means you have to decide on which of them is the best for your situation. Being stuck in one level is frustrating as it is, especially when other participants seem to be unlocking more levels, getting ahead of you.

Here at Boost Royal, you can purchase a boost for 30% less (limited only!) or get coached at an affordable price. Whatever solution fits for you, we guarantee improvement. Take the opportunity of playing in a certain rank repeatedly with less risks.

Why Boost Royal?

With us, you can track your progress and be updated on what’s new. Why do you need that? Because it’s your opportunity to track your history and learn from it.

Your booster needs to communicate with you as well. Which is why we prioritize open communication between the booster and the client. Let’s say you have learned yours or your opponent’s weaknesses from your previous matches, and you don’t have any idea how to get past it, the live chat is the perfect place for you to ask questions and tips. You’ll be surprised how many ways you can level up.

You can pay us through many payment outlets like: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express and more.

We Provide Different Types of Boosting

Promotion Boosting is perfect for those who can’t improve their rank due to some difficulties. Let Boost Royal handle your promotion for €11.20.

Ranking Victory Boost specializes on acquiring a certain number of victory games. It will vary depending on your choice and needs. Oftentimes, other boosts provide this service but they secretly affect the quality. In Boost Royal, we make sure the quality stays intact. It will take three to four days for the procedure to complete. Price starts at €56.00.

Duo Q Boosting. This elo boosting type is perfect for those who plan to actively play League of Legends. With League of Legends unveiling the newest group of Star Guardians and animated trailers, catching up with your nemesis might involve Duo Queue boosting. Take it for €20.00.

League Boosting is one of our prominent services as it is highly effective and quickly done. Just select your current league and your desired league for €37.66. This boost is applicable for solo or duo play.

Elo Boosting Packages is the best package we have here at Boost Royal. Our packages vary from any bronze to gold V, to any bronze to platinum V. All of the packages have certain discounts as well. From 30% off to 15% off (any platinum to diamond V). Some packages may take up to 20 days to complete, depending on where you started. Example: Unranked to Diamond may need 7–20 days of completion time.

Our Elo boosts are offered at low prices and it is guaranteed safe. You just have to choose the one that you need, confirm your payment, and the rest will be up to us for completion.

Make sure you choose the package with your current range and your desired level. Browse over 10 Elo boosts here at Boost Royal to get started.

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