Brand, Learning, or Network?

With the announcement of the recent closures of DevBootcamp and The Iron Yard, students, instructors, and leaders of coding bootcamps are unsettled.

Given the incredible demand for software engineers, and in the boom of coding bootcamp options (which, by the way, is why we exist today to help you cut through the noise), we’re not worried about whether or not bootcamps are a valuable, or high return learning investment.

We do, however, know that it takes a thoughtful process to make the most of your experience. Let’s get at some of the learning goals that we hear from our students, which tend to fit into three main categories:

  1. Brand: This is about the community and the signal that the bootcamp serves as in your local job market. The community comes out to demo days and supports their work because the bootcamp has built goodwill in the local market, contributes to the growth of the local tech scene, and is known for producing grads that employers want to hire.
  2. Network: Beyond being ‘known’ in the community, a networked bootcamp knows the local market well enough to be able to open the doors at local tech companies and connect the dots between companies looking for junior talent, and you as a graduate. While not the only important factor to consider, all the strong learning preparation in the world doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a job — but a strong introduction in your local search market can make all the difference.
  3. Learning: Some students have a strong foundation as a self-taught developer, but want to formalize that, establish good habits, and formally credential their skills. Others are using the bootcamp to start their journey, and want to be sure that the foundation that the program is built upon has a strong basis in building knowledge.

The strongest bootcamps know how to balance and excel in all three of these areas; be sure you’re meeting the needs of your specific situation. Knowing why you’re attending a bootcamp is the first major step in the process. Reach out at; we’d love to help you through the decision-making process!