GRABBIT! the game bringing bitcoin to Oakland

There’s a revolutionary game taking hold of oakland, players can win a free $25 gift card to Feelmore adult gallery on telegraph and it’s 100% FREE to play. This is hands down the most fun prize women and or men can win playing a mobile game and it’s an incredible way to engage potential costumers. The only catch, the business must accept bitcoin to use the platform.

This interesting promotion angle has most novice of bitcoiners, listening to minutes pitch explaining bitcoin AND going as far as saying, come back at 4pm and I’ll have my bitcoin wallet set up as the owner of Feelmore asked of me, or come back tomorrow as the owner of urban stitch asked I do.

You can play the game on facebook to win these awesome prizes from these pioneering local brands, or download on google play. More local prizes coming soon and more places to spend your bitcoins.

Comment on their facebook page, to get the code to join the game. 4 players need to start the game.