Our last six months

Hey everybody

We are happy that we could share our rebrand with the community. We received great feedback, the general feel is that the new branding looks awesome, thank you all for the support.

We are super excited for the future ahead, building and launching Bora DAO will be a hard and long journey, we are ready and looking forward to building a protocol that will have real world impact. BORA DAO is the futr

A quick recap regarding the past six months.

Bora has been active on the ground with market research. Although we entered a hackathon last year, and won second place, the reality is that the hackathon was an idea. When we conducted market research we found that our idea was not executable. Creating a fractionalized real estate marketplace through tokenization was not feasible due to real estate market legislation, market dynamics and high capital input cost. Bora had to go back to the drawing board and spend time to find a real world problem that can be solved with blockchain technology.

Bora went to town to talk to people, businesses, local governments, universities and banks. We interviewed, probed and investigated to find a true problem that can be solved with a crypto based solution. Our vision is to connect the liquidity in cyberspace (the liquidity on-chain) to real world utility and deliver value to people in the real world. Bora decided to focus on democratization of loans to students. Please refer to our previous article that focuses on how Bora will transform the student loan industry through the formation of DAOs that operate and manage capital to fund the education of future leaders.

Once we found the problem we wanted to solve, we started engaging with students and began building the Bora DAO community. We have been active on campuses in Kampala and Entebbe, both cities in Uganda. Bora sponsored the kit for a local football team from Makerere University. Please see below the pictures of our team and jerseys.

Our boys made us proud, after a 3 month campaign the team emerged as the champions of the competition. Congratulations to the team! Bora is happy that we could play a part in the victory!

Project Catalyst funding

Bora entered a proposal on project catalyst to ask for sponsorship for an awareness event. Our proposal was accepted by the Cardano community and we received funding to host our event. The event will be held on 16 July 2022. Our Educator and Our Voice will lead and host the event in Kampala, Uganda, at the Thorban Conference Center.

In the next six month Bora will focus on building out the MVP for the protocol and building the Bora DAO community. Our Tech Guru will focus on coding the software structure we require in cyberspace, while the rest of the team will focus on building the real world community that will ultimately be the members of Bora DAO. Bora will continue engaging and supporting students. BORA DAO is the future for funding education for those that need it most.

Join us on our journey

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” — old African proverb.

We at Bora want you to be part of our journey, lets go far together.

Join our community and become part of this world changing journey, follow our official channels to keep up to date with the latest news.

Telegram Community Group https://t.me/borafinanceofficial

Twitter https://twitter.com/BoraFinance

Website https://borafinance.io



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