Life, Passion and Change.

Am on the hunt for who I’ve not yet become

Thriving boldly each new day

Plants are everywhere around us.

Have you ever thought about how plants thrive? How about what happens when they find themselves budding in a non-friendly ecosystem?

Think about it.

The plants you see every morning by your wayside to work. The plants that live closest to your mansion, or even inside it.

Well, it appears that through these, plants can actually teach us a thing or two about life and change.

Plants always try to find their rightful spot under the sun, they always fight their way out of dark thickets just to find a gleam of the life-giving beams of the morning sun. It doesn’t matter who or what is atop them. They will always find a way to get there.

You should also always keep your head held up high. Process what you see head on.

This is what has kept me moving on in Andela.

This is Boot-camp week 2, and it’s been great and awesome, but full of it’s own challenges.

You are expected to learn lots of new stuff in a very short period of time.

You are also expected to have solidified that new knowledge and use it to build something functional.

And did I say quality greatly matters a lot at Andela?

Your soft skills are also greatly encouraged and hunted after.

You see all this mix of nice to haves? They make up a world class software engineer. And that’s why Andela really pushes for us to have all this skillsets in their best measure. It is what makes up Andela.

To learn all of these sometimes in poorly connected and remote areas is not a simple thing. Not to mention spaces that don’t favor remote learning, and unreliable power connection. And sometimes family and job ties are also a challenge to beat.

Overcoming all these and coming out smart and quick to learn is what gives you a plus at the end of the day.

Learning to cope with lots’s of work and limited sleep is something you’ll get used to. Friends will think you are getting insane with your old, humming 4 inch Toshiba laptop, but keep on, you know where you are going.

Learning to communicate effectively is another. If you are used to sending such texts as “Xaxa, xema and xori”, you’d rather work on that early enough. Because official, understood communication is expected of you, even when you are chatting with your teammates on Slack.

But most importantly, you’ve got to be EPIC.

Excelencia. Pasión. Integridad. Colaboración