Boréal smrtGRiPS

Why we designed smrtGRiPS

After experimenting with various wearable devices that promise to improve our lives, but ultimately curb your vision or provide an experience that borders on sensory overload, we chose to go the other direction.

We went all the way 8-bit old school for our device, using state-of-the-art 32-bit Bluetooth System-on-a-Chip Smart Technology, because sometimes less really is better. It works just right, and we’re pretty proud of our technologically minimalist approach.

smrtGRiPS gives your bike the means to communicate with you, through different haptic vibrational patterns and highly audible distinctive rings.
smrtGRiPS strives to transform your bike into that dependable attentive friend that helps you know what’s coming through a subtle nudge or — when you really need to pay attention — a forceful shake.

Thoughtfully minimalist, integrated and balanced, this is technology that doesn’t stick out. It’s all about improving that symbiotic relationship between you and your bike, so you can have a ride that’s smart and connected, but frees you to enjoy that immersive experience called The Ride.

Look at it this way — you can squint at a screen, or you can ride — take in the view, be with your friends, and fully enjoy the trail.

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