Dear Mr Prebnisent

Dear Donald trump, or should i say drumpf,




This is AMERICA. We have a proud legacy of HUNDREDS of years of very politely enslaving and killing people. how dare u be rude about it.

My 5 year old daughter saw you on tv and asked “who is that pee pee poo poo head, and why does he think so little of our proud political traditions as a sovreign nation.”

I’ll be mailing you a constitution. Because buddy, i dont think you’ve read one.

Why cant you be more like Mint Romney? Theres a guy who knew justice. He never raised his voice.

Hey, what do u call a big dumb idiot with orange on his face? Donald Trump! ba ding. You can read more zingers like this on my blog

Also Please tell your fans to stop saying mean things. My kids see this and my ex wife is going to use your fans responses to me as evidence for why she should get sole custody. We must respect the discourse of this great nation.

I expect your prompt reply, Обнять и поцеловать человека.


Concerned Citizen and PATRIOT Donald Borenstein

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PS: I am starting a new campaign to fight fascism by sending donald trump a bunch of pictures of feet. Please let me know if you want to contribute, my DM’s are open

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