Rage against the Machine
Alexandra D-S

I hope you’re right that this tear that goes through British society can be healed. I’m surprised about that ‘bubble’ that you’ve lived in, maybe that’s really a London-tech-professional issue. Living in a council house neighbourhood and spending a lot of time in a working class boxing club, I’ve been exposed to that anger that you’re describing. Ironically, while being an ‘economic migrant’ just like yourself, my Brexit-voting friends mostly took offence in me being part of the system, being university-educated and earning significantly more than them. A neighbour from one of the council houses once pointed out to my wife that “you lot usually don’t mix with us” when our kids played, and meant this in reference to socio-economic status, not origin. As such, I see only part of the Brexit votes as being fed up with people like you and me (in terms of nationality), and the majority as valve for their anger about the system as such.

Getting European citizens naturalised doesn’t fix that. It’s something that the British need to work on for themselves, I’m afraid.

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