APK Dashboard in ClassyShark

When browsing an Android app executable file (APK) inside ClassyShark, there is a lot of different information in various APK components, from classes.dex entries to native libraries. Why not have it all in one place ?

Since ClassyShark 7.2 the APK view screen is totally re-written and became the APK Dashboard. This screen shows all the important info about your APK and its components. This is the screen we really want you to spend your time on.

You might be wondering how to get to the new APK Dashboard, then ? It is very easy, simply double click the APK name in the tree list on the left hand side of ClassyShark’s window.

Let’s look at what information you can find there

Classes.dex entries

The Dashboard screen shows both method count and native method count for both classes dex entries and custom loaded classes dex entries

Possible Java Dependencies Errors

ClassyShark analyses all you classes dex entries for:

  • Duplicate dependencies — having more than one dependency with the same functionality (volley/okhttp, picasso/glide)
  • Server side libraries — libraries that weren’t designed for Android, such as Guava.
  • Deprecated libraries — libraries that are deprecated and not supported anymore, such as Apache HTTP

Possible Native Dependencies Errors

In addition to those checks ClassyShark analyses your APK’s native libraries:

  • Dynamic Symbol Errors — ClassyShark analyses the APK for the errors on the native libraries side
  • Native Libraries — list of native libraries that the APK has
  • Native Dependencies — native dependencies of the native libraries

You can read this blog post for more details.

Happy coding!