We want Plastic-free packaging for fruits and veggies

To my favourite Tesco supermarket in London,

To the food industry.

I love your organic fruits and veggies, but I expect them to use no plastic at all. My favourite Tesco grocery store must understand: Organic is not enough. We, customers, want Organic AND Plastic-free. If you create food that is plastic-free, I’d buy tons. I know you need products that people can easily find, recognise and buy quickly, and that’s the primary function of packaging. Good packaging doesn’t mean plastic packaging. Instead, here’s the sustainable solution:

But first, why not wrapping everything in plastic? Because plastic accumulates in landfill and oceans and heavily pollutes the environment. It’s derived from petrochemicals, and it worsens climate change by releasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere when burnt.

Instead of plastic, use other types of materials. There are many. Use compostable/biodegradable materials, even if it’s more expensive in the beginning, because the food retail industry is not anymore about low-cost. Customers also want high value and ethical products, from end to end, from crop to the plate. The next generation of customers will all have their own home compost, why not taking advantage of this now?

We, customers, are very well aware of the negative impacts consumption has on wildlife and climate. We want to consume smartly and responsibly. The growing attraction to organic products, despite their higher price tag, is telling you just this. A sustainable product is going to be a product that sells well. Check my club card data if you want the facts (#634004025045060174).

So, please don’t wrap everything in plastic. I don’t want to be part of the mass wildlife slaughter that’s due to plastic strangulation or plastic ingestion any longer. What’s the first thing I do when I get home after shopping at Tesco? I unwrap my food and throws every single piece of plastic packaging away. It makes me feel eco-consciously guilty. Did you know that only a tiny part of all the plastic being made is actually recycled (soft or hard)? Also, plastic is ugly. So please help me be a better consumer and provide me with products that are sustainable. I will buy them!

Bananas need NOT be wrapped in plastic. This is driving me crazy! Why would you wrap bananas in anything even? Nature has made bananas with a natural protective skin that makes them need 0 packaging. You already are using nets for potatoes or onions. You already stick labels directly on non-organic bananas. Why ruining all the efforts of growing organic bananas if you then wrap them into plastic? Instead of plastic, prefer using fibre materials, biodegradable card, raffia, rope, bamboo, maize-starch-made & innovative materials or even textile. Also, plastic packaging prevents bananas from breathing and alters their color, texture and taste. Just remember: Organic AND Plastic-free.

“Less packaging, that’s what we want. Less plastic, that’s what the environment needs.”

Thank you very much in advance for your consideration of both customers and the environment. The environment and customers are like body and mind together. Neglect one and you’ll neglect the others. Protect one and you’ll keep the others happy. What you want is a happy customer, correct?

Looking forward to seeing more biodegradable and plastic-free in my Tesco store.

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