Mirai gets out of control

Mirai botnet (now Annie) gets out of control. It’s not a fairy tail, its look like a true story.
Mirai is a new botnet, who attacks IoT — devices and creating a powerful DDOS — attack. It is something great.

Casualties of Mirai is a Dyn, Deutsche Telekom, Talk-Talk, UK Post Office, KCOM, and Eircom.

Map of the attack on the Deutsch Telekom

Not long time ago, one of the creators of Mirai — BestBuy said:

“They should give their customers better hardware :\ […] Too many requests freeze the shitty routers.”

also, he said that it was a side-effect of the Mirai work.

“Sorry for UK Post Office […] We don’t want to attack them specially.”

So who knows, Mirai is an open source project, everyone can do something with it.