Enjoying a drink on the Belgian beach. © Pexels

Why go abroad?

It’s the holiday period, again. Families are packing their luggage, masses are waiting in queue at the airport. Some go to the South to enjoy the warmer climate in the winter period. Others go skiing in Switzerland or Austria, or go to London to visit the Big Ben. As long as you have enough money, there are places to visit for everyone’s taste.

Travel costs can be really expensive. ©Wikimedia

Lots of families don’t have have the resources to afford a mid-year journey, though. Even more, some people just prefer not to go abroad, due to a wide variety of reasons.

We are currently investing in building a new home, so our kids finally have their own room. It’s a pity, but we’d rather not go on holiday, than to wait for another year before we can start building our house. — Steven Bossuyt (39)

People who are on a budget are not obliged to stay at home, however. There are also a lot of beautiful places to visit in Belgium. An affordable, yet attractive alternative. Bruges, for example, is ranked on a lot of surveys as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Or you can just enjoy a weekend on the beach or in the Ardennes, so you can strongly cut the traveling costs.

Laifour (Ardennes) is a small town with a beautiful view. © Wikimedia

David and Mieke are a Belgian couple, that has seen a lot of beautiful places in the world. They were really adventurous and had some outgoing hobby’s, like sky-diving. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy anymore for them to go abroad, as they have two little children now. However, they found a solution at the northwestern side of our country.

So, why would you stay in Belgium? Here, we summed up some reasons for you.

Still not convinced? Here is a map with ten amazing places in Belgium to visit. There’s a solution for every type of person. Are you more outgoing, or do you prefer more pacific places to visit? Please have a look, I’m sure there will be at least one place that you’d like to visit.

Now you have some money left to drink a beer at your local pub. You’re welcome.