Is fear and uncertainty holding you prisoner? PART 2 of 2

I need to be honest. I would guess that I have a huge unfair “advantage” vs. the majority of my readers who might struggle with taking risking / starting a business / moving to a new country, etc…

As per PART 1 of this article, on how your top 2 “Human Needs” will really drive how you live your life. Based on my experiences most people will gravitate to “Love” and “Certainty” as their top 2 needs. The challenge with this, is that you may often be in conflict when you do anything very “risky”.

So what is my advantage? It’s the fact that I grew up in foster homes, group homes, and had some challenges many kids will never experience. So these experiences forced me to swim in the ocean of “uncertainty”. I had to embrace uncertainty, like it or not. But for much of my life I was bitter and angry that I did not have a “normal” childhood that lasted well into my adulthood.

I spent a little time here as a youth.

But in my late my twenties I woke up to the fact that these experiences helped me become who I am. (Thanks to a Tony Robbins seminar) Life did not happen “to” me, it happened “for” me. This in fact was a beautiful gift that gave me the fearlessness to move anywhere, start a business, etc..

For example: At the age of 21 I remember walking in freezing -20 temperatures in Montreal cursing at the weather gods and then decided then and there I would move to Vancouver. 2 weeks later I was on a 1 way ticket by Via rail (sweet deal at a $140) to a city where I knew nobody, had no job lined up and spent 2 weeks at a YMCA. But I had begun the next chapter of my life.

The interesting thing is that the priority of these Human needs can change throughout your life. Maybe its due to a traumatic event, marriage, divorce, having children, an “aha” moment, etc… The important part is to be aware of the fact that your top needs will have a huge influence on the decisions you make in life. The question is, are they helping you or hindering you?

If you want to learn more about this I highly recommend you either 1) Invest in Tony Robbins “Personal Power II” CD set or go to his “Unleash the Power Within” seminar (UPW). I did both of these and it changed my life. He is in my opinion the best coach on planet Earth and can help take your life to the next level. Whether its to improve your health, relationships, business, etc…

There is always another level in life. Tony gives you great tools and strategies to find your true happiness and fulfillment. “Success without meaning = failure.” Something to think about…