A woman’s bedroom. The rest of the house party is outside that door.

Notes from that first year of College

“Do you want to play Nazi Zombies?” He asked. Sure, I said.

Seven years later I think that was probably the most my roommate and I ever connected. He had an Xbox and flatscreen TV on his desk. I had a few books on mine.*

We were random roommates. Each of us deciding to check the ‘chance it’ box on our Student Housing application earlier that Spring.

Later, after learning whom my other potential roommates could have been on that floor, I remember my roommate and I both acknowledging in bed one night we got “pretty lucky.”**

You see, a Dormority wing is like a melange of fairytale tropes.

There is The Thief in 7A

The Creep in 12c

The Drunk in 3B

The Meek in 6D

Alec and Alex in 2B

There was also of course The Slut in 5D and The Weed Dealer in 1A — but those two characters rarely make it into fairytale novels.

I met my best friend that first year in college too. He lived down the hall and would be in my room playing video games with Alex every time I got home from class. We didn’t speak for the first 6 months.

In fact I recall with high resolution our first real interaction.

I was outside the building’s entrance smoking a cigarette alone, when the doors opened and seven or eight people trickled down the steps carry pumpkins. Bright thick orange pumpkins. Among the group was my roommate, a few guys on the floor like Big Jesse and Chris (The Prick), a gaggle of cute girls, and Him.

They walked past me debating how fast to drive a car when throwing pumpkins out the window when He suddenly turned and pointed at me and said,

“Oh look — there’s Alec… with all his friends.”

I looked up. Everyone had turned as they walked past to see me hunched alone in the dark.

I practically choked mid drag. The balls on this guy…

Before I could exhale they had gotten into Big Jesse’s van and pulled away. I was left standing alone, no retort, half amused, pulling on the cigarette.

Had I made a friend or enemy? I flicked the bone onto the road and walked back inside.

Seven years later I live in an apartment on the East side of New York City and he’s a doctor in Kansas City. We still speak on the phone a few times every month. He continues to roast me and support me.

This photo was taken three or four years after that first interaction^. Maybe I’ll write about it someday.
  • *I didn’t have a lot of possessions. I had moved from a different state to go to College. I actually didn’t know anyone in the state when I moved.
  • **I got luckier than he did. He didn’t smell like smoke. I on the other hand..