Thoughts From New York City

East Village, NYC

I’ve met many girls who say they like nature. They say it in more words than that, but I’m editing down their thoughts. It’s a contentious issue that never resolves between my partners and I — The love of nature and ‘spirituality’. I do not love nature and I am not spiritual. But perhaps I do not love nature, because I’m not spiritual.

However I bring up spirituality — depsite not being so — because I do relate.

I feel ‘callings’ (to use such a tiresome word) I cannot articulate. That, like Baptists or Wiccans, if I were to explain my reasoning behind certain actions, they would not make sense to others.

I moved to New York over a weekend. I went to work on Friday in Kansas and by Monday I was working near Union Square. I moved quickly because to live in New York you must move quickly.(In retrospect I learned this to be even more true than I suspected.) If you move slowly you don’t make it. You don’t make it to here and you don’t make it in here.
In New York — the pace is quicker. The tempo faster. The values looser. 
I like it. I like a city with a bit of greed; it makes you work harder, move faster. I’m liberal but I run my life like a republican.

When it comes to sprituality I don’t pray. I don’t attend church. I do not burn incense and I do not pull tarot cards and place them under my pillow. But I do move. I move when I’m sick of the same street signs and venue lines. I am nomadic.

You see, I’ve lived a lot of places and I think about certain faces from each. I think about a particular face I loved in Northern Michigan when I was 17 — round with waifish brown hair and blue eyes.
I think about one when I was 19 standing in the sands of Clinton Lake — the face sharp and pale with blonde forgiving hair. 
I recall another along Navy Pier at 21, and another at the East Bay when I turned 23…

At 25 I’ll remember yours, even if like the last ones, it won’t stay.

-Thoughts From New York City.