The voices Hillary Clinton didn’t hear

By Thomas Farragher GLOBE COLUMNIST APRIL 17, 2015

MAUMEE, Ohio — The lady in the dark Jackie Onassis glasses, the star of this week’s worthy-of-Hollywood video in which she improbably cast herself as the champion of everyday Americans, really blew it when she walked out of the Chipotlehere Monday.

Sunset on I-80 West.

Incredibly, there happened to be an everyday American right there, right behind the counter when Hillary Rodham Clinton collected her chicken burrito bowl and iced tea, then jumped back on Interstate 80 bound for Iowa and some stunning stagecraft.

“If that was me and I was running for president, I’d be out there talking to people,” Charles Wright told me after his staff served me a delicious lunch at that Chipotle on Wednesday. “I would assume she would not be running around incognito. I’d like to know her plan to get the economy firmly back on track. I mean, what is it?

“I would like her to be honest with me.”

But Hillary had no time for Wright. She didn’t know the 29-year-old was born in California, moved here in 1999, took classes at the University of Toledo, works 50 hours a week, and now manages more than 30 people for a restaurant chain. He will gladly talk your ear off.

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