Funded Today -The Biggest Con In Crowdfunding Marketing History? You Be The Judge
Shane Liddell

Hi Shane,
I would second most of your facts about Funded Today. The prices seem to be right and their success rate. They are basically saying they have a 40% success rate. That seems like a pretty honest number. If they are saying 40%, they don’t seem to be making great promises. 40% may not be anything to brag about.

Your idea about Indiegogo doesn’t make much sense. It seems they worked with all of those campaigns on Kickstarter and then moved them to Indiegogo after. Just like you said campaigns are supposed to do. In fact, I have been watching Kickstarter pretty closely the last couple months. Some of the best projects on Kickstarter that I notice Funded Today has worked with. Have then moved to Indiegogo after the Kickstarter ended. So I really don’t see how they are faking anything. They are just using Indemand like it was meant to be used.

Here are two pretty recent examples. I noticed Funded Todays name on these campaigns basically the moment they launched. They may have been together the whole time. Now they are on Indemand.