Crowdsourcing Charity

I created Flutter in June 2015 to get more people involved in charity, especially millennials and the less fortunate. Flutter is the exact opposite of an auction. With Flutter, people donate $10 for the chance to win an experience of a lifetime. With an auction, the wealthiest person in the room donates the most money to win an experience that he/she can probably already afford.

With Flutter I would love if the poorest person in the room wins the experience, because that experience will be something that he/she will never forget. That’s why we cap donations at $10 (or less) — to give everyone, regardless of financial wealth, an equal chance at winning.

I believe if more people are involved in charity then we can raise more money for charity — proof that even the smallest amount of money can make a big difference.

Since launching 8 months ago Flutter has raised $24,625 for local charities — most of that has come from roughly 2,000 people donating just $10. That’s 2,000 people who otherwise might not have doanted to charity . And, 2,000 people who collectively can make a greater change than just one.