Vile and Evil Have the Same Letters

Donald Trump is a nightmare man. The fibers that fill his stuffed fleshy shell of a body are made out of cotton grown in hell. Lucifer himself is likely to have stuffed his humanoid muppet body. But ultimately he is not the villain we think he is.

Donald Trump is evil, vile, and bigoted. This can’t be argued, there are entirely too many primary sources to support those statements, and while all of this can be considered a matter of, “perspective” anyone making an argument for Donald Trump being anything but evil, vile, and bigoted, is also evil, vile, and bigoted. Ultimately they are the villain we think he is.

The tightly knit community of support that stands behind Donald Trump time and time again, are the real demons. They’re the people pulling the strings on his soulless pseudo-body. Donald Trump speaks to these people. He knows what it is they need him to say, and he says it. He is acting out the will of closeted homophobes, racists, misogynists, and all manner of wicked persons. He pulled a page out of Mein Kampf and spoke to their fears, he invigorated a rightfully disenfranchised body of evil and held them close.

Donald Trump will end. Both in that he will die, and that he will not be president forever, if at all. The truly frightening prospect is that the behavior that has motivated him and his supporters still exists. Fear of other people still runs rampant based on skin, gender, sexual preference, and religion (among apparently countless other things) here in the Melting Pot.

This campaign will end. The vote is soon, and the commercials will stop, but the opinions and actions of the people who support Donald Trump have not, and will not. What’s worse, is they now know there are other people who stand with them. They know they aren’t alone, and the people that agree with them don’t wear hooded white robes and Doc Martens with red laces. The people that stand with them look as white, male, and privileged, as they do.

We are living in the actual horror, that horror is now awake and alert. It’s willing to vote this year, in four years, and in four years after that. It lives and breathes in the same physical plane as your own, it’s invisible, and totally visible. Only death, and education can stop it.