Botmetric Now Features Enhanced User Experience With Secure Single Sign On (SSO) Support for Enterprises!

Single Sign On (SSO) Support for Enterprises, with Google Apps

Are you a Botmetric user or an enterprise customer who is vexed by multiple account credentials and had wished for single sign-on support for the platform? Your wish is our command. My team and I are delighted to introduce Single Sign On (SSO) Support for Enterprises, with Google Apps, just so that you don’t have to manage another account credential for Botmetric, and need to recall another password every morning.

The Case in Point: Why Botmetric Integrated Single Sign On for Enterprise?

Now a days, most of the communication happens over email or social media messaging. And it’s a herculean task to remember credentials of so many email accounts, social media logins, software accounts, etc. Moreover, we are now dependent on saved passwords on the web browsers too. I’m sure you’ll agree more than ever. However, it’s considered an unsafe/bad practice. And what if the browser itself crashes? To regain the credentials is another herculean task. Sometimes, you might forget the user id itself and regaining it back becomes almost impossible. A pet peeve, of course. Perhaps, a Password Manager Vest would do, right?

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But oops, not in the digital era! Let me share my experience, to elaborate:

Sometime earlier this year, around Jan 23rd-30th, 2017, I stumbled upon a very disturbing number from one of our analytic tools. In this 1 week alone, we had more than 50 failed login attempts due to forgotten passwords! Of the people who struggled logging in, 10% even tried signing-up again, 60% requested us for correction, but the remaining 30% did not do anything about it! That’s the total number of times a user or a prospective customer tried to get into Botmetric to get their work done, but could not, as they forgot their username or password, or simply mistyped. So, ultimately that 30% of the users never came to Botmetric and lost interest in signing up.

Thinking of how much wasted time and the frustration that translates to, Botmetric team deployed the Single-Sign On with Google.

Here’re few more thumbs-up stats as to why Botmetric integrated SSO:

  • Reduce help-desk costs: B2B finds it hassle free as they don’t need to maintain any directory service or support. Gartner says in a report that 50% of all helpdesk calls are password related
  • Better productivity: Customers find it more comfortable. From a business perspective, sign-ups do increase if it’s a SaaS/license-based product
  • Improves security and compliance: It’s a myth that SSO is unsafe. If you keep a strong password and follow company regulation, then there is nothing to worry at all. If you are still worried, then read this article SSO Simplified for more information
  • Reduces complexity: In a normal business scenario, IT engineers maintain a lot of passwords for everyday tools. SSO is one such powerful integration that reduces complexity and increases operational efficiency

Bottomline: Making Life Easier for Customers

As a customer-focused company, Botmetric always strives to integrate top-notch features that ultimately make the customers’ life easier and better. To this end, Botmetric introduced the first phase of Single Sign On (SSO) with Google.

Here’s the first look:

If you are an existing user or a new user, you can use either the normal Botmetric credentials or enable SSO for Enterprise for more simple credential management while signing into Botmetric.

Hope you like it. Share your thought with us in the comment section below or tweet to us at @BotmetricHQ.

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