DevOps In AWS Cloud Is A Match Made In Heaven

Every organization, who wants to execute DevOps into their cloud business, can take benefits from AWS, as it is rightly said that DevOps in AWS Cloud is a match made in heaven. But t the same time, it is very important for organizations to be committed so that their business runs smoothly.

DevOps techniques are unique and designed to suit the modern age business requirements. They combine very well with the AWS’s flexibility, operation, and wide range of tools and options. They also guarantee streamlining the deployment and automate code updates. So a link between the DevOps technology and AWS is truly a match made in heaven for cloud users.

But, how do these two entities work to deliver the agility required by enterprises to run their business in cloud? AWS Elastic Beanstalk supports rolling deployments. This is a very common DevOps practice that allows configuration deployments to work with AWS Auto Scaling. Thus, there a certain number of instances are always ready and accessible. Even with other many configuration changes, instances are available. This implies that as soon as Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances are updated, the developer stays in control. For any change in EC2 instance type, the developer can easily make out if Elastic Beanstalk has restructured all instances or is maintaining some instances running to serve requests; in the meantime, other instances are being updated. Whenever any deployments are made, AWS OpsWorks enables developers to define about instances layers to be updated. It is another example that shows how the public cloud supplier supports the DevOps mindset.

Apart from this, it has been observed multiple times by many experts that there is a natural fit with DevOps in AWS Cloud that opens a path to agility.

Let’s see how AWS simplifies DevOps process:

Public clouds let enterprise to take advantage of their advanced technology. Enterprises might access or afford those technologies if not for Cloud. AWS’s on-demand assets and scalability facilitates DevOps. There are several capabilities that organizations can make use of while working with DevOps in AWS Cloud. Let’s analyze some of them:

  • DevOps gives businesses the capability to rapidly position latest environments and configurations required for implementation of new features and functionality. Doing this through AWS enables enterprises to break down environments when they are no longer required. This also removes the requirements and associated expense. Thus, keeps a range of internal hardware and infrastructure accessible and manages the effects of hardware acquisition delays.
  • Through DevOps in AWS Cloud, all team members can easily test out new deployment packages without disturbing the operational environment.
  • DevOps allows testing in AWS through which teams can simply shift and deploy to the internal cloud execution.
  • DevOps provides the capability to supplement resource abilities during the periods organizations face peak demand.
  • DevOps ensures that your environments are provisioned with precisely the resources your business needs. It integrates the test streams and run the tests at the same time.
  • DevOps identifies any possible conflicts while allowing AWS to pool resources and share the results.
  • Finally, it also automates the advertising of the application to the next stage of the lifecycle within the workflow.

Thus, DevOps in AWS Cloud makes certain that your business competes in this new economy. As DevOps is impetus to cloud security, by effectively incorporating the best practices it ensures business agility. DevOps allow you to keep a track so that you get alerted whenever there is any requirement and Botmetric promises the flexibility of automating tasks in fraction of a minute!

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