It’s a question of how serious you are about seeing justice done

People deal with grief differently. Some do it quietly, some do it violently, and others deal with it by not dealing with it at all.

Susan’s mother had warned her and told her that she would live to regret ever marrying Edward, and she was right. The one thing that can be even more petrifying than our parents being right about something is them being right about us, and Susan’s mother was right about her.

To Susan, Edward was not worth the fight, in any way there is to fight for a person. She moved on to someone else; someone that was not weak, someone that would be ‘more’ than what Edward was.

She pitied him, telling her new husband that Edward has not remarried, and that she thought that that was sad. She was miserable. ‘More’ had not turned out the way she thought it would, and the only thing that would make feel better about what she did, and that leaving Edward was the right thing to do, is to pity him. Because then, she would be right about him: he is weak. He has not remarried, and to her, that was because he has always loved her and always will. In spite of all the terrible things she has done to him, he could not stop thinking about her. He even wrote a book which is titled after something he used to call her by, and dedicated it to her. That made him so, so weak. What Susan had not realized was that by feeling the way she did, she had become weaker than Edward ever was.

Susan’s life turned out to be a sad, empty one, but through it all she had always been able to seek asylum in one thing: Edward’s love. But what she thought of as a sign of reconciliation, was nothing but Edward’s final act. In the book, Tony loses his wife and daughter to Ray and his men, who rape and murder both of them. No one has actually “stolen” Susan and Edward’s baby from him. From the way Ray’s character was depicted, it was clear that that was how he viewed Susan; not the Susan he loved — shown in the book as Tony’s wife — but the Susan who made Edward question everything there is for a person to question about himself. To Edward, both Susan and Ray played the same role. Susan was the one who took herself and the baby away from Edward. She was both the kidnapper of everything he held dear, and the helpless hostage.

The story in the book continues on until it finally reaches the scene where Tony faces Ray. During their confrontation, Ray tells Tony the same thing that Susan had implied to Edward: he is weak. Tony shoots Ray, but not before Ray knocks him out with a metal object. Yes, Tony was finally able to avenge his wife and daughter by killing Ray, but he was not able to do so without hurting himself in the process. By seeking revenge on Susan to avenge Susan, Edward hurt himself. This is depicted even more clearly when Tony wakes up and sees what he has done. Ray is dead. He then gets out of the cabin, cries out and shoots himself. The only way Edward was able to “kill” Susan, was through killing himself.

“I think you should write about something other than yourself.”

Edward ended up writing something about himself that has finally touched Susan in a profound way, and ironically, he only managed to do so because of the heartbreak she has caused him.

Susan waits for Edward for hours, and he does not show. As she hears the waiter say: “This way, sir.” she smiles, because Edward is here. Maybe there is a chance for them, maybe she does not have to be so miserable, but then, all of her hopes get crushed. It was not Edward. In that moment, she realizes that he will not come, and that he was never even planning on it. That moment was her gunshot. That was Tony shooting Ray, and that was Edward shooting Susan. She no longer had her asylum.

“When you love someone you have to be careful with it, you might never get it again.”

Edward chose to deal with the grief of losing the woman he loves and his baby by seeking vengeance, and that had to come with a price. The only way Edward could have stood Susan up, permanently ending any possibility of them ever getting back together was by killing Ray and Tony: Susan and himself.

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