Lessons learned from Jeffrey Epstein and Larry Nassar.

A row of men sitting one in front of each other, covering the next person’s eyes.
A row of men sitting one in front of each other, covering the next person’s eyes.
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Filthy rich” and “Athlete A” are two recently released Netflix documentaries explaining how Jeffrey Epstein and Larry Nassar molested hundreds of teenage girls before they were caught. The cases aren’t new to the public but their details can help us understand, in a very concrete way, this issue as a whole. Learning from personal experiences of others we can pinpoint early opportunities for prevention and recognize warning signs quickly.

According to the World Health Organization’s Fact Sheet on Child Maltreatment, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 13 men report having been sexually molested as children which is a staggering…

and then come to terms with it.

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There is no denying that this ‘instrument’ was completely home-Cooked and as such the expectations of its validity are a bit meh.

Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers came up with 16 personalities by observing regular people doing regular things. They weren’t professionals in psychology but they were educated.

Katherine studied and taught at college for agriculture before educating women in any capacity was a thing. Papa Briggs was a physicist and Isabel studied political science.

The model was derived from Jung’s pairs of opposing psychological types, namely introversion/extroversion, intuition/sensing, feeling/thinking, and later added by Isabel and…

and why you should take it before things go back to normal.

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The global lockdown has created a unique window of opportunity to take this test remotely under the supervision of a remote proctor. In the BEFORE times, they could charge you up to 200$ for canceling and up to 150$ for rescheduling your test date. Canceling and reinstating your score would cost another 75$ but for the next couple of months, all of this is completely free.

No more overly air-conditioned test centers, no more slippery noise-not-canceling headphones, no more feet tapping or chin muttering from the booth next to you, and no more obscene fees for unpredictable events in your…

For people who would rather jump off a cliff than be themselves.

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I distinctly remember when I found out that one of the kids in my class speaks fluent German. Being the anxious kid I still am I felt the sting of being left behind for the first time. I thought to myself, as one does at 8 years old, OMG! I missed the window of effortless absorption of language. I should have started a long time ago and now it’s probably too late for me.

Someone had their first kiss? Their first cigarette? Was allowed to travel by themselves? Bought high heels? Passed their driver’s license and got a car? Lost…

Coursera course summary — I do the work, you get the gist!

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This course was meant to help weed out the flowers from the rest of the garbage floating around in the ocean of fitness-related “knowledge”. With so much terrible advice out there, it’s no wonder there are so many of us who feel confused about what it takes to create a visible change in your body’s physical appearance, improve your performance or your health.

The course in itself, should you decide to take it, isn’t going to present you with a day to day exercise and diet regimen. Instead, it will explain the underlying principles which will hopefully empower you to…

Growing older is something to be excited about!

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Have you noticed how certain changes you want to make in your life require so much push from you while others are effortless and happen almost overnight? One day you’re convinced you’re not a morning exercise person, even the thought of that makes you feel exhausted, the next you manage to complete your workout at 7 AM on a minimal amount of food without wanting to throw up. Growing up is essentially like an expansion pack — things ‘feel’ different and new options become available to you.

I’m still kind of a hothead but less so than before. In a…

Small steps, deep breaths and asleep by 11.

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I’m 28 years old, healthy and living in a politically peaceful European country. I reside in a clean and safe apartment, I have enough money to afford quality food and pay for a fancy gym membership, an occasional dinner out, a trip to the cinema or a weekend getaway. My life is the best it’s ever been, at least on paper. I’m not for example persecuted by the government, homeless, addicted to drugs, living in extreme poverty or in danger of any kind. Those are the things I consider to be REAL existential struggles.

Despite that, about 3 to 4…

But it certainly doesn’t come from the outside of yourself.

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There I was, almost asleep, when I heard the deep voice of my boyfriend, listening to a podcast next to me: “you should write about how happiness doesn’t cost anything.”

Right after I grunted in annoyance about being woken up I thought to myself, bless his heart for trying to help, but this is a really chewed up topic. I can’t honestly contribute one more piece about how money doesn’t make you happy or how happiness is a decision, not a place — neither of those two things is entirely true in my opinion.

They both sound plausible when you’ve…

Why is hard work so…well…hard?

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This imperative of modern life gets tossed around so frequently it has lost all its meaning. We’ve all been told it’s important to work hard in life without ever been given a satisfactory explanation of why. I was wondering whether we all have the same understanding about what it means to give your best and what are the sort of feelings surrounding us when we try.

The worst thing about slacking is that you might not even be aware you are doing it. …

They can only reject you if you want their approval.

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There is nothing like getting an exclusive gym membership or going to a fancy restaurant/hotel at a cheaper price. But it might come with a side dish of inadequacy or even a sprinkle of inferiority.

Why is that?

I grew up in a lower working class family AND in a country where being posh is seriously frowned upon. Something about post-socialism that is still hypocritically intolerant of the bourgeois even though those countries weren’t as immune to elitism as we might think.

Anything fancy has always been synonymous with being…


I always did well in school so my teachers thought I was going places. Turns out, I had to awkwardly stumble through my 20s first.

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