Are Facebook Singles Groups Worth Your Time?

And before you say, “Duuuhhhh” just hear me out!

Photo Source: Kaboompics

I recently hopped into some new facebook singles groups and I am UNIMPRESSED! 1000’s of people in these groups… and no real substance… I would see a post 3 successes… they had a great date… But there is 12,000 people in here… that could be the problem though… hmmmm.

10 Reasons Facebook Singles Groups are a Waste of Time

  1. Drop a selfie- “It’s Monday, Drop a Selfie” It’s 12 o’clock drop a selfie” “On my way to work, here is my selfie” “Feeling myself, look at my selfie” This person or posts get 10,000 likes and comments in 15 minutes. Ok, I may be exaggerating but there is so much truth to it. I am like, enough… who are you? What do you enjoy doing?
  2. Crazy ass hypothetical questions like, “You were dating this amazing man you really think you are in love, then he tells you, I am really a woman. What would you do?” or “How do men feel about a woman approaching a woman, does that make her thirsty/slutty?” or “Have black women lost their feminine qualities?” or“You fell asleep, woke up, turned around, looked at your toes, looked at theirs, one was missing, do you marry her?” Ok I made that last one up, but that is how it is!
  3. Where all the… Big booty babes, natural hair women, men with grey sweats… DROP A PIC…. everyone rushes to…
  4. “I’m just here for the comments!” Those that want to just watch and not participate… why? WHY? That annoys the crap out of me…
  5. Those deep posts- The thoughtful, heartfelt, disappointed in the people in this group posts… and then… 2 likes no comments… because
  6. They aint really here for it! They like the quick satisfaction of looking at half-naked people so that they can
  7. Slide in the MULTIPLE DM’s and I get it, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. But what happens is that if you aint quick to give them what they want, they quickly move on to the next. But how did they slide in your DM?
  8. “See if I’m your type, drop age, sex, location and a pic” yea that unfortunately has nothing to do with type… unless all physical.
  9. 10:1 ratio Women to Men… maybe a bit extreme… but that one post that a man posts, and the women all swarm to him. Reminds me of church when a new man visits BY HIMSELF…. and when they say greet your neighbor, the women from the pulpit, the balcony, the basement, the parking lot all rush to give him that holy hug!
  10. It’s a free for all- Because Facebook is free, the groups are free unless those paid private ones. But it also is attached to your personal page and if you are like me, mine isn’t really private… so they go and FB stalk you before they talk to you or after or even during and you lose that sense of privacy.

Anyhoo, I am not here to condemn or put fear in you if you want to join those groups, just know that not every group is what the title says and sometimes it is! Just be safe out there and really know what you want because when you have so many options, it dilutes the pool to choose from making interactions superficial and shallow.

Peace and Blessings,