Bountiful: Farm, Market and Buy Smarter with Actionable Forecasting

3 min readMar 3, 2020

Who We Are

Many of you know us as Vinsight, but starting today, we are Bountiful. We have a new name, logo, color, and fresh new features and insights. Our core values of trust, innovation, and transparency remain the same. We are working hard to empower farmers, build trust through data, and make transparent markets and sustainable agriculture possible.

So allow us to re-introduce ourselves. At Bountiful, we are the next generation of agriculture. We pair long-term weather analysis with the latest satellite technology, making complex data simple. Our technology uses machine learning with agronomy, incorporates various data sources to provide more accurate forecasts, and allows us to build even better tools for the agriculture supply chain.

The forecasting techniques of the past are outdated; mistakes lead to high volatility and unstable markets. We take a scientific approach to our analysis, study phenology, and build tools for the industry to support decision-making so you can enter the market with confidence.

By forecasting specialty crops all over the world, we provide users with an accurate production number, which allows for better market-making decisions. We cannot do this alone; we need buyers and growers to become a part of this process to make a lasting mark on the supply chain.

We currently forecast almonds and grapes and are in the process of trialing forecasts for California-grown walnuts and pistachios.

How We Provide Value

Bountiful is your personal team of data scientists and engineers with a passion for the agriculture industry. While we are data-driven, we understand data does not provide value unless it is actionable. We are here as a resource to create ad-hoc analysis as the industry needs it.

Our specialty crop forecasts take the uncertainty out of analyzing total supply. We take a different approach to forecasting because our insight evolves throughout the growing season. Here are a few examples of how we develop those insights with regard to almonds:

  • We provide 30 years of climate data to give you the expertise of a seasoned member of the almond industry. Chill, growing degree days, and…




Farm, market and buy smarter with actionable forecasting.