An Argument in Favor of Direct Messaging Strangers on LinkedIn-BountyBase

This is my story of how I sent over 3,000 direct messages to people on LinkedIn and started my business back before Linkedin was overrun by DMs

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How LinkedIn Has Helped Transform My Business

Over LinkedIn, especially thanks to the direct messaging feature, I’ve built a business that is on pace to become 6-figures within the 2nd year. Besides the one childhood friend that connected me to the founders of, I have built my entire career in blockchain over the last year and a half through LinkedIn and Medium. (Special thank you to Medium and Medium Staff).

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LinkedIn is Seriously Undervalued

If you aren’t spending time on LinkedIn every single day, especially if you’re in an emerging tech industry (even if it’s just for emerging news and information), you need to do yourself a favor. You need to get on there while it’s still undervalued and under-utilized. Here’s the thing. Unlike platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, LinkedIn’s growth rate is not flattening.

  • Enterprise Cloud: 36,500
  • Machine Learning: 1.1M

Reasons why LinkedIn is crushing it right now

The social platform is actually the total opposite of how someone might approach, for example, Facebook. I scrutinize every Facebook request I get. LinkedIn on the other hand, I’m much less selective (as long as you seem like you’re in Blockchain, Crypto, Digital Assets, Tech and Information Services, I’ll probably add you). People are generally more accepting to new requests. My requests per day and follows are much higher on LinkedIn compared to Facebook (I’m at 8.3K LinkedIn Followers).

LinkedIn Brings Together an Otherwise Siloed Industry

The thing about my industry, Blockchain, is that it’s very siloed. Developers want to work from home. Freelancers want to be digital nomads. CEOs are splitting time between companies, sometimes roles are in 2 different countries. LinkedIn is an easy way for all of these isolated groups to connect, and to stay connected with local gatekeepers and community leaders.

An Unconsidered Factor that Will Allow LinkedIn to Continually Grow

The global rise of freelancing is expected to rise in the coming decade. In countries like the USA, in which it’s expected to reach as high as 57%* within 10 years, freelancing will become a serious supplementary or full-time income. It’s the natural progression of the gig economy.

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