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Anthony, thank you for stopping by.

That comment to the CMO was more so for ad copy as opposed to a cold message. I think that in a cold message, that would be too solicitous. However, for ad copy, what I’d ultimately suggest is to make a small PDF that is something like “5 Unsaturated Marketing Channels Every CMO should Know.”

Then you could target people that work at a specific company with the words “Does your CMO know…”

For personal messages, make them short (three lines or so on mobile) and, make it general. Don’t ask for money. Something like this:

“Hey Sara,

Thanks for connecting. I had a quick question about your most recent content marketing campaign. Let’s talk if you get a chance.



Let me know if you have any more questions.

Also, if you’re interested in writing, send me your portfolio at and a price sheet and we could probably work something out.

Regardless, best wishes and thanks for stopping by! Anthony Odunze


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