How to Use Rakuten to Earn Cashback at Target

Rakuten saves. Seriously. And if you shop at Target, Rakuten will be your new best friend.

Dec 11, 2019 · 2 min read

From that last-minute Christmas gift, to the Listerine gum you buy before the first date, Target is there for you. Now with the help of Rakuten, you can earn some of that hard-earned money back from Target…

Here’s how to earn cashback from Rakuten for ALL of your Target purchases:

How to Earn Cashback Using Rakuten at Target

It’s no surprise that Target’s stock has nearly doubled in 2019. The retail-haven turned rich-mom’s dollar store, Target has been able to pivot itself in enough directions to survive the retailpocalypse in ways that K-Mart and the like have not.

Here’s how to earn Cash back at Target (and other stores):

  1. Open an account to earn cash back from Rakuten: It’s LIGHTNING fast to create an account because you just add one through your preexisting Google or Facebook credentials. If you don’t mess with APIs, you can also do one the old fashioned way.

Use the link below and grab $10 JUST for using for using my code #easy 👉

2. Choose your favorite store: Pick the store that you want to earn cash back at. Again, you will not find a brand that’s missing from Rakuten. There is everything from designer sunglasses with Sunglass Hut cash back, to cash back for Dolce and Gabanna shoes at Neman Marcus LastCall — you can find ANYTHING.

3. Deposit cash back to your PayPal or get a check sent through good old snail mail: You might have to wait a few weeks or months for the rebate to come, (I’m waiting like 8 weeks unfortunately for $300), but it’s still a nice little bonus to get. It’s definitely worth the wait!

Use the link below and grab $10 JUST for being cool: 👉


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