Stop Saying That You’re Self-Made

Look bro, yes, I’m talking to you. Sitting over there in the corner, looking at yourself in the mirror every thirty seconds as if the reflection is going to change.

Waiting on your next clapback or opportunity to throw shade on the people that you call your friends.

With your narcissistic, better than me, don’t-waste-my time type of attitude — listen to me…. just stop.

You’re not fooling anyone.

Please, for the love of Elon Musk, stop saying that you’re self-made.

You’re not fooling anyone, not even yourself. You know you’re not self made.

That’s why you’re so self-conscience.

No matter how much you want to fool yourself, just come to terms with it.

No one is self-made. Not me, not you, not the pope, not Donald Trump, not anybody, not anything (perhaps with the exception of asexual, regenerative cells).

I laugh so hard at the people that say they are self-made. I’m sorry, I try not to laugh at anyone, my mother taught me better. But I do every time I hear this.

It’s one thing to do things “on your own,” like taking yourself out of poverty, or starting a startup with just one person. That’s different being self-made.

People have mentors, they have clients, and they have YouTube videos that teach them stuff.

Don’t sit here and act like no one inspired you or help you or supported, as if your father didn’t give you the money to start you company.

DidI you feed yourself straight out the womb? Did you teach yourself how to shit?

I didn’t think so.

This whole fake-ass narrative of the man who started with “nothing” and created an “empire” is just getting silly.

It’s getting old, just like you. You’ll have much more energy when you quit these childish antics, just saying.