Thanks to PayPal, Walmart is the New Western Union


PayPal’s new instant cash service at Walmart has lower fees than Western Union, and it’s faster. Does that mean an end for Western Union is now in sight?

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If you’ve ever used Western Union to receive or send cash, you know that it has its flaws.

For starters, it’s expensive and it takes too long. It could take up to 4 days with a cost of $69.99 at the high end. That depends on the shipping option your sender chooses. It’s EXPENSIVE for that person to send you the money. For example, if you’re in Las Vegas and “lost your wallet,” (at the roulette table), it would cost someone at least $5 to send you money.

That $5 send option is bad because it forces the sender to go to a Western Union location. Your friend is nice enough to bail you out, they should not have to go to the store, too.

Western Union “branch locations” are not always in the safest place to receive a lump sum of cash.

PayPal is different

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However, with PayPal, that person can instantly send you money from their phone or computer. It doesn’t take minutes or days, and it doesn’t cost you a large percentage of YOUR money. PayPal happens almost instantly and it costs $3.00. You can get the cash at almost any Walmart location.

Walmart Partners with PayPal FTW 💸

Thanks to a new partnership between Walmart and PayPal, there are now THREE different ways you could instantly get cash by using PayPal at Walmart:

  • At Money Services or Service Desk Locations
  • At the ATM
  • At the Register

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According to PayPal’s website, the fee is about $3 and it takes seconds, literally seconds, for a friend or family member to send you money that you could pick up at over 5,000 Walmarts across the USA.

How is Western Union going to answer this?

Western Union Partners with Visa to Provide Global Payment

Earlier this week, Western Union seemingly answered back with a partnership with Visa. According to a press release, Western Union will specifically parter with Visa Direct, which offers one-touch payment.

The partnership will improve the network’s speed and transparency. However, what happens to the people using Western Union for cash? Will that process be expedited, or is this process only for the credit card holders?

You can read more about the Western Union and Visa partnership here.

What does this mean in the Long Run?

It is HIGHLY unlikely that middle-service payment services like PayPal or Western Union will survive in the long run against Peer-to-Peer services like Bitcoin. We shall see…

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